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Wheatley Hydroponics offers a full range of HPS bulbs, metal halide bulbs and dual spectrum bulbs in store and online which are suitable for every grow room. We stock the biggest brands and offer great prices!

CFL Bulbs LogoCFL Bulbs
Self ballasted energy saving grow lamps
Contactor/Relay LogoContactor/Relay
Ensure the long and safe operation of your grow room lighting system
Dual Spectrum LogoDual Spectrum
Enable vegative and flowering stages and saving on the need for 2 separate bulbs
HPS ( High Pressure Sodium ) LogoHPS ( High Pressure Sodium )
HPS lamps are designed to assist your plants in their flowering period to promote optimum production in this critical stage.
Professional high intensity LED grow light
Metal halide  LogoMetal halide
Rich in the blue spectrum, perfect for vigorous vegetative growth.
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