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Hydroponics systems

Wheatley Hydroponics offers a full range of hydroponics grow systems from the creators of some of the finest hydroponics systems on the market today from the biggest brands, visit us in store or online.

Advantages of using a hydroponic system - Some of the reasons why hydroponics is being adapted around the world for food production are the following:

  • No soil is needed for hydroponics
  • The water stays in the system and can be reused - thus, lower water costs
  • It is possible to control the nutrition levels in their entirely, thus lower nutrition costs
  • No nutrition pollution is released into the environment because of the controlled system
  • Stable and high yields
  • Pests and diseases are easier to get rid of than in soil because of the container's mobility
  • It is easier to harvest
  • No pesticide damage
  • Plants grow healthier - It is better for consumption
AQUAfarm LogoAQUAfarm
The AquaFarm and WaterFarm are versatile hydroponic systems, used in nurseries, grow rooms or greenhouses for mother plants and tropical plants.
Autopot LogoAutopot
AutoPot products are centred around its AQUAvalve technology, a simple mechanical device that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can best be described as a 'vacuum float valve'.
DIY Bubbler Systems LogoDIY Bubbler Systems
Hydroponic bubblers are one of the cheapest and easiest hydroponic gardening systems to build.
DIY Self Watering Pots LogoDIY Self Watering Pots
Low-Maintenance Hydroponics: Self-Watering Containers
Dual Flow Systems LogoDual Flow Systems
Dual Flow NFT / Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System This amazingly versatile new hydroponic system
Flood and Drain Systems LogoFlood and Drain Systems
A flood and drain system typically works by using a timer and submersible pump.
GHE Water Farm LogoGHE Water Farm
he WaterFarm System is a great little self contained Hydroponic System. It comprises of two pots one of which sits inside the other
Gravity Feed Valves LogoGravity Feed Valves
system for hydroponically growing plants in a vertical array includes a vertical ... valve supported above the top opening of the column for gravity feed
Hydroponic Drip Irrigation LogoHydroponic Drip Irrigation
Looking for a drip irrigation system then take a look at our great range.
Hydroponic Re-Circulating LogoHydroponic Re-Circulating
Re-Circulating Systems
Hydroponics DWC LogoHydroponics DWC
DWC Pots systems re-circulate the nutrient solution around the system
NFT Gully Systems LogoNFT Gully Systems
Using an effective and efficient method of growing that's relied upon by commercial gardeners all around the world
Self Watering Pots LogoSelf Watering Pots
Low-Maintenance Hydroponics: Self-Watering Pots
Self Watering Systems LogoSelf Watering Systems
Self Watering Systems can be used on a large scale
Tanks and Reservoir LogoTanks and Reservoir
large range of Tanks and Reservoir available to order online
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