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Pest Control

Wheatley Hydroponics offers a full range of hydroponics pest control solutions and pest control grow room sprays making sure your grow is 100% pest free! Why allow pests to your hydroponics grow room? Pest control is available from the biggest brands, visit us in store or online.

Common pests in your grow room

  1. APHIDS - Have clusters of tiny, squishy, soft-bodied insects on the undersides of the leaves? You've probably got aphids.
  2. WHITEFLIES - Zillions of tiny white moths fluttering about your plants? Sounds like whiteflies.
  3. SPIDER MITES - Lots of tiny yellow speckles dotting the leaves of your crops? Might be spider mites.
  4. MEALYBUGS - Got globs of cottony masses in the crooks of the stems? Maybe you've got a mealybug invasion.
  5. THRIPS - Are some of your leaves curling up and covered with whitish or silvery spots? This could be thrips.
  6. FUNGUS GNATS - Are there swarms of tiny black flies hovering over your nutrient vat or settling on your media? Those are likely nasty little fungus gnats.


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