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Grow room Temperature

Whilst keeping temperatures down in summer is largely achieved via the use of extraction equipment, keeping temperatures high enough during winter is only really achieved by using a heater in your grow room. We sell a great little tubular heater which doesn't take up too much room and is more than adequate for most small grow rooms. It is very important to keep both the air and nutrient temperatures in your rooms at a healthy level as both too cold and too hot conditions can affect nutrient uptake and growth rates quite significantly. We also sell a range of temperature measuring equipment in both digital and non-digital thermometer types.


Correct humidity is often overlooked when managing the growing environment as its very easy to become focused purely on temperature control. This is a mistake though as correctly managed humidity can massively improve plant health and growth rates whilst also preventing common problems such as over transpiration. In fact, during the vegetative growth stage, it is best to try and maintain a relative humidity of between 50-70%. your plants will thrive at these humidity levels and the impact on your final crops will be noticeable if you can keep the humidity optimal throughout your grow.

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No plant can live without water, indeed most plants are composed mostly out of water and the health of a plant will depend directly on the relative Humidity of its surroundings.
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SMSCOM International BV develops and produces innovative electronic products for the hydroponic market which include Climate Control, Water Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Alarm Detection and Security
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