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Grow Mediums

Hydroponics grow mediums is vital to ensuring your plants get the best medium for each plants needs with 100s of grow mediums available these days including soil mediums, soilless mediums and many more. We stock hydroponic mediums such as Canna,Coco,Plagron, and many more, we stock the best proven grow mediums by novice and professional hydroponics growers ensuring the highest yields, in store and online. We stock the biggest brands and offer great prices!

Clay LogoClay
Derived from a renewable and plentiful source clay, is considered an ecologically sustainable growing medium
Coco LogoCoco
Coco Growing Medium
Coir LogoCoir
Coir has been around for a “Millennium”. It was first discovered as a growing media in ancient India and China.
Dna mills cork coco and soil LogoDna mills cork coco and soil
DNA Mills soil or coco medium combines only top quality natural raw materials alongside eco friendly cork from long standing oak trees that have absorbed million of tones of co2. Give it a try.
Perlite LogoPerlite
Perlite is one of the best hydroponic growing mediums around. Used by itself or as a mixture with other mediums.
Propagation and Gravel Trays LogoPropagation and Gravel Trays
Order from our range of Propagation and Gravel Trays online
Propagation Grow Media LogoPropagation Grow Media
Propagation Grow Media
Propagation Kits LogoPropagation Kits
Great range of Propagation Kits available to order online
Rockwool LogoRockwool
Rockwool has long been among the most popular growing medium on earth
Soil Mixes LogoSoil Mixes
An effective soil blend containing soil, compost, worm castings and Pertite
Vermiculite LogoVermiculite
Vermiculite is an approved organic growing medium for micro-greens
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